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Monica Baeza provides personalized career coaching that empowers individuals to realize their true potential, overcome professional challenges, and thrive in their chosen careers.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Unlock the power of your career, enhance your team's performance, or leverage the impact of your human resources with personalized service offerings.

Individual Coaching

Empower your professional development with personalized coaching. Align your passion, skills, and opportunities for a fulfilling career.

HR Consultancy

Strategize your HR initiatives to align with business goals. Improve organizational performance and employee engagement with bespoke solutions

Team Coaching

Enhance team synergy and drive performance. Through targeted coaching, develop a culture of collaboration and effective communication.

Meet your coach

With extensive experience and commitment to transformative growth, my purpose is to empower individuals, teams, and businesses to unlock their potential. Let me guide you in overcoming professional obstacles and discovering profound self-awareness on your unique journey. Together, we embark on a path of personal and professional fulfillment.

-Monica Baeza-

Success Stories

Be inspired by the stories of those who embarked on transformative journeys under my guidance. Together, we've unlocked hidden potential, conquered daunting challenges, and paved resilient paths to remarkable success. Let their stories ignite hope and showcase the extraordinary power of our collaboration.

" Thank you for being a wonderful coach to me last year!  Our conversations really made me think and act! You knew exactly how to “push” me far enough to bring me out of my comfort zone without taking it too far enabling me to overcome my inner saboteurs to dare to take action towards achieving my then rather undefined dreams and goals and to make changes that have led me to today; I now dare to dream, create, act and actually see and take the new opportunities that are now literally coming my way one by one or sometimes more at the same time!👏 , some smart person once said “what’s meant for me cannot be kept from me. Thank you! ”
From the moment I met Monica, I felt an instant connection. Her warm and genuine demeanor created a safe space where I could openly express my fears, insecurities, and aspirations. Monica possesses a remarkable ability to listen attentively, truly understand my concerns, and offer guidance tailored to my unique situation. Monica's coaching sessions were nothing short of transformative. Through her expert guidance and insightful exercises, she helped me uncover my hidden strengths, talents, and passions. She skillfully guided me through self-reflection and self-discovery, enabling me to rediscover my worth and potential. Her unwavering support and encouragement uplifted my spirit and allowed me to envision a future full of possibilities.
Vidhi M.
"Monica helped me enormously during my first work assignment. I was feeling quite insecure, being new to the role and through her coaching, I became aware of my behaviours and was able to course correct my actions to gain confidence and perform at my best."
Sebastian S
"Before Monica's coaching, I faced tough professional challenges. With her guidance, I learned to turn weaknesses into strengths and step out of my comfort zone. Monica's insights helped me make confident decisions and improve my career significantly. Her coaching was a guiding light in my professional journey. Thank you, Monica!"
Luis M
"Monica's coaching transformed my career. Her insightful guidance helped me step into a leadership role that I love. A game-changer for my professional growth."
Rachel A
"Monica helped me navigate a leadership dynamic that was harming my ability to advance in my career. She provided safe space for me to share vulnerability and at the same time held me accountable to move forward in life."
Hellen B
"I was very lucky to get a coaching session from Mónica.  She has a special listening quality that makes it very easy for you to open up and go deep in the issue you want to work on with her.  She helped me with a dilemma type of concern that I had.  Through her listening and her questions I was able to get more clarity on what and how I wanted to get results in that particular situation. I definitely recommend Mónica as a coach."
Azucena M

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